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1. Question: How comfortable are the straps and and any use it to hold a camera and lenses?
🗣  Answer: It's comfortable and lightweight. I carry quite a bit of stuff in it so I guess it would depend upon the size of the camera and lenses.

2. Question: does the purse smell bad? I ordered a different purse last year on amazon that smelled awful for months!!!! Want to be sure before buying.

🗣  Answer: I ordered this purse, and I did not notice any odor inside or out. By the way, I love this purse.

3. Question: Can you fit a water bottle in the side pockets?
🗣  Answer: Yes, they have elastic and can hold a water bottle

 4. Question: Does this have an inside zipper pocket?
🗣  Answer: YES!! There are Dividers, pockets and a zippered pocket inside! 

 5. Question: Can my MacBook Air 13' fit?
🗣  Answer: My MacBook Pro 13 fit fine :)

💌 Olivia Jackson,
Head of the customer service

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